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For a healthy and sustainable world

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We are building an independent platform that encourages a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness about our planet. Our goal is to grow organically alongside our community with fair pricing for everyone.

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With our platform, we want to promote recipe creators who make a sustainable and healthy lifestyle more accessible to as many people as possible with their delicious recipes. The whole thing is financed by the contributions of our paying premium app users.

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3 EUR / month

Your budget doesn't give so much at the moment? No problem, every contribution counts and helps us to cover our costs.

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5 EUR / month

Thank you! By doing so, you are helping us and our recipe authors to grow and thrive and make our world more sustainable and compassionate.

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10 EUR / month

Thank you sooo much! You help us and our creators to advance individual projects faster and more successfully and to support further projects in the field of environmental protection, sustainability, and animal welfare.

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